Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!Your strategy was spot on!You’re an awesome attorney! – Mr. B, Fort Collins

We can never express how fortunate we were to find you to represent Amber in her DUI case of September 1, 2007. – Ms. V.T., Weld County

I will recommend you to anyone I know who gets into this mess. Thank you for holding my hand through this process, I needed it. I was not planning to get so emotional at the sentencing, I just broke down. However, I felt so elated after it was all over, like a new man with a whole new outlook on life. Home detention is very restrictive but better than the alternative! Again, thank you for your help. You were honest with me about what to expect and did not sugar coat anything. – Mr. R.K., Douglas County

Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and attention to detail with my case. – Mr. D.S., Gilpin County

Thank you so much for all that you did I really appreciate it. – Mr. J.P., Summit County


Painful lesson to learn. Hopefully none of my friends will ever be in this position, but if so, I’ll definitely refer them to you! – Mr. B., Douglas County

Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate your patience, phenomenal availability, and great skill. Each of your clients is lucky to have you. – Ms. S.R., Denver County

Heidi, thank you for your representation for my case. Your expertise and research ended in great results! – Ms. M.D., Denver County

Thank you for all the work you did on my case. I definitely felt that my legal representation was first rate. – Mr. T.S., Douglas County


Thank you again for representing me in this situation and assisting me in receiving such a light sentence. Many in the system have been in disbelief you kept my driver’s license intact with the freedom to continue driving. That alone was a God-send that allowed me to drive my daughter to and from the Penrose Cancer Center five days a week for nearly five months. I am indebted to you and the professional demeanor you afforded me and my wife. – Mr. L., Colorado Springs

Thanks for all your courteous and efficient professionalism. I’m amazed and impressed by your quality customer service, which speaks volumes. You are a lifesaver and you’ll certainly be recommended to anyone I know needing legal services. – Mr. S.B., Douglas County

Thank you for everything you did for me concerning my case. I see it as AMAZING!! Now it’s just getting the classes, therapy and community service done. It is hard to express my gratitude for all your work, but thank you so much again. – Mr. S.C., Larimer County

My wife and I thank from the bottom of our hearts for your excellent representation. We could not of wished for a better outcome. This is such a great peace of mind. I feel like a new life has started. Thank you for taking my case(s). Especially, when I had to call you back in February and tell you I received a 2nd DUI. You were calm and did not tear my head off! You will get my recommendation for anyone who ever gets into this predicament. – Mr. R.K., Douglas County